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Customer Testimonials

...Dr Dragos: She's well educated, well experienced.

She cares. She is a great mix of empathy, science and the art of healthcare. Chloe adores Dr Dragos.

Dr Dragos has a very gentle, yet powerful approach to healing. Lovely mix of yin and yang which means she's appropriately flexible in her care of a wide range of animals who present with needs unique to their breeding, disposition and degree of wellness.

Dr. Dragos' methods work! -Gena S.

*Read more about Chloe's Story HERE*

"Dr. Dragos was so gentle and kind with my dog. She talked me through the entire appointment and what she was finding and how she would treat it. I and my dog felt very comfortable with her care." - Stacy B.                   

"I appreciated the explanation of Chinese medicine & how it works on my dog. Dr. Dragos did a great work up & explained everything to me while examining my dog." - Suzanne L.

"My dog was definitely knocking on deaths door. Another doctor basically told me to "keep her comfortable" because she had a stroke & brain tumor. One day after seeing Dr. Dragos she could walk again. 3 days after she was following me around the house again. 5 days after & shes playing with her toys & pulling me on her leash. She's very "comfortable" lol" - Joanne S.

"Thank you for your honest opinions and advice. It is clear to me that you care very much about providing the best care to Fonzi and want to see him get better."

                                                      -Stacy B.

"Another round of acupuncture for Cher Bear. If you are not a believer (like I was), the results speak for themselves. Her attitude has improved, her energy is up and the huge mass on her leg has shrunk almost 2"!! This is the best solution and so happy to have found it for my Cher Bear. She is my love."

                                                          -Christopher G.

"Compassion toward our pet and quality of time spent with all of us." - Barbra B.                                                       

"We loved our first visit with Max. It was very pleasant and relaxing. Looking forward to the next one."

                                                         -Monika S.

"Dr. Dragos was wonderful with my kittie in her last days - the acupuncture really helped relax her."

                                                             -Vivienne H.

“Dr. Dragos is amazing, wonderfully caring and so kind to both me and my kitty. I recommend her to any pet owner - she is top notch !!” - Acaysha D.

"Best animal acupuncture in Arizona. Knowledgeable & caring & always available to help. Katie, my German shepherd, & I both LOVE Dr Dragos. She saved my girl's life and continues to improve her quality of life as she grows older." - Joanne S.                             

“Dakota is my 11-year-old English Labrador retriever. She was rescued almost 4 years ago and had suffered from chronic obesity, which led to worsening of elbow dysplasia (a genetic condition found in her breed). With time, I also learned that she had storm anxiety, allergies, and digestive sensitivities. Being a veterinarian, I treated her with the traditional “tried and true” treatments, including but not limited to weight loss, proper nutrition, joint supplements, various pain medications, antihistamines, sedatives, fish oils, and antacids. Although the medications worked, over time I realized that she was on many medications, some of which I felt had lessened efficacy...

...Dakota had a full evaluation including physical examination and discussion of medications and her problems. Subsequently I learned from Dr. Dragos that acupuncture would be effective for many of her ailments, not just her arthritis!

Initially, Dakota had twice weekly treatments for 4 weeks, then weekly to every other week for maintenance therapy. She is now on minimal medications for her mobility and arthritis, takes nothing for anxiety or stomach ailments, and her overall energy level and vitality have markedly improved. As a veterinarian, I am a firm believer of learning from my own pets, and Dakota is truly a testament to the benefits of acupuncture. Although not all pets may glean the same drastic results, many pets will benefit. I recommend Dr. Dragos – she is intelligent, gentle, and cares about the whole well-being (physical and spiritual) of my girl.”-Dr. Holly Rice

"I have personally seen Dr. Dragos take a puppy who had stopped breathing back to breathing! My favorite is patients with parvo usually take a couple days to see real improvement on traditional supportive care. With acupuncture added to treatment i've seen them 90% better in 24 hours. Dr. Dragos is very caring, patient, and healing." - Penelope F.

"Dr. Dragos is an amazing healer!! She can read

your pet's spirit!!" - Jeremy D.

"...looking for acupuncture from an AMAZING veterinarian, please take the time to look here... I've seen her work some wonders with acupuncture on animals..." - Brian N.

"It works!! It works!!! PD you're AMAZING in every aspect of the field!!!" - Nicole G.

"Pam, that Yunnan Baiyao stuff saved Autum's life! Thanks..." - Christian D. 

"Thank you for...the Four Marvels tincture. It really turned things around for my son's cat....and things are looking much better. Thanks again...!" - Amy A.

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