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Louie - Fully Recovered from Complete Paralysis

Louie is a 13 year old neutered male dachshund that presented for acute onset hind end paralysis due to a slipped disc in the middle of his back. He was completely paralyzed, and it was hard to tell if he had any deep pain sensation in his feet at all. He seemed to react to acupuncture needles placed in his rear legs, so I was cautiously optimistic about the prognosis of his neurological injury

Louie is a very shy, timid, sweet dog. He has a Water constitution. The Water element is ruled by the Kidneys and Bladder, and the Kidneys rule the bones and the back in Traditional Chinese Medicine. A deficiency in the Kidney or Bladder meridian can result in hind end weakness and back issues.

Louie’s diagnosis was Kidney Yang deficiency with Qi and Blood stagnation in the Bladder channel. The stagnation of Blood and Qi results in pain and paralysis.

Louie received traditional acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, aquapuncture, laser therapy and Chinese herbal medications. The owner elected to continue conventional medications such as gabapentin for neurologic pain, but also utilizes The Pet Patch, which delivers an electromagnetic current for the alleviation of pain locally, as well as homeopathic analgesics (arnica, Traumeel) and CBD (Cannabidiol) oil. The CBD oil resulted in markedly improved pain relief as well as an improved appetite. 

The morning after the fourth acupuncture treatment, Louie stood up and supported himself on his rear legs! Louie will continue acupuncture weekly with the hope of regaining complete function of his rear legs.

Five months after his injury, Louie is running with full use of his rear legs! Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and laser therapy along with conventional pain medications gave Louie his mobility and comfort back.

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