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Success Story - Cisco

Cisco is a 6 year old male Chihuahua that came to me for acute kidney failure. Two veterinarians had recommended euthanasia due to the severity of Cisco's kidney blood values and his unresponsiveness to intensive IV fluid therapy. 

I diagnosed Cisco with an Excess renal condition, Triple Burner Obstruction and Damp Heat. My goal was to drain Damp Heat and open the Triple Burner. The Triple Burner is the gatekeeper of the Kidneys in Chinese medicine. Patients with Excess renal disease often respond poorly, or only temporarily, to intravenous and subcutaneous fluids. 

Cisco received acupuncture, started taking a Chinese herb combination, and was placed on a home made diet.

Three days after his first acupuncture treatment, Cisco went through a healing crisis or an intense healing event where his symptoms worsened. The next day, he was back to normal. 

In one week, his kidney values returned to near normal and he was feeling like himself again!

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