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Veterinary Medical Manipulation or Pet Chiropractic

Dr. Pamela Dragos, CVMMP

Dr. Dragos is a Certified Veterinary Medical Manipulation Practitioner. She trained in Veterinary Medical Manipulation (aka Pet Chiropractic) at the Integrative Veterinary Medical Institute in Reddick, Florida. Dr. Dragos does Chiropractic adjustments for pets during their acupuncture visit if indicated and requested. There is an additional charge for Chiropractic adjustments.

What is Animal Chiropractic?

Animal Chiropractic or Veterinary Medical Manipulation is the manual adjustment of joints that have restricted movement. Joint restrictions are joints that are not moving through a full range of motion and results in impaired neurologic and biomechanical function. Through chiropractic adjustments, these joints can return to normal function and the associated nerves will be able to communicate better with your pet's brain and thereby reduce pain and allow your pet to return to normal daily activities.

After a thorough static and motion examination, restrictions can be identified and adjusted. Many animals show immediate improvement but others may take 2-3 visits before results are noticeable.

Even if your pet is healthy, animal chiropractic can help maintain their health to prevent disease and arthritis. 

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