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Get expert, honest, holistic help for your pet's m​edical and behavioral issues​

Virtual Co​nsultation

Get expert, honest, holistic answers to your pet's medical and behavioral issues. Dr. Dragos can help you sort out conventional tests, procedures and treatments that may or may not be indicated for your pet's issues. She will outline specific natural therapies that will help your pet live their best life possible.

Custom Herbs​

Natural Therapy for Your Pet's Health and Wellness. Offering ​Organi​c, S​mall ​Batch H​erbal Tinctures formulated by hand in Dr. Dragos' Custom Apothecary.

Energetic Body work

Dr. Pamela Dragos offers traditional acupuncture, laser acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, Medical Manipulation (aka Chiropractic), Cold Laser therapy, Light Therapy, and Moxibustion, in a quiet, healing environment centered on individualized, gentle, compassionate care. She sees dogs, cats and small mammals by appointment only in her office.

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